Jewel Spectrum Design

Responsive website built from the ground up using bootstrap, jquery and jquery mobile. Visit site here.


Mobile-friendly web app that searches gigs near user’s location.

WP Weather Data

WordPress weather plugin.

WP Testimonials

WordPress testimonials management plugin.

WP Squeeze

WordPress plugin to create squeeze pages.

WP Popup

WordPress plugin to create popup pages.

WP Bounce

WordPress plugin to render a popup when a visitor is about to leave the site or page.

Subsidy Calculator

Online calculator to calculate tax subsidies.

Subscriber Blaze

WordPress page/popup management and creation plugin.

FB Post Engine

Offers customers ability to make purchases by commenting on facebook posts.


Calculates distance between two places.

Curation Champion

Bookmarklet and wordpress plugin to construct wordpress article pages.


Standalone version of webcaster pro plugin.


This wordpress plugin allows the user to display aweber subscribers in a scrolling and customizable box.

WP LinkTracker

This wordpress plugins keeps track of clicks and displays data in graph form.


Converts form data to a QR code.


In development. WordPress plugin that leverages Google Hangouts on Air.

WP Gateway Ad

WordPress plugin that displays a Google adsense ad as a gateway ad.

WP OnExit Plugin

WordPress plugin that allows users to ‘recapture’ visitors as they leave a website.

WP Decorator

WordPress plugin that allows users to add decorations to their website using drag and drop.

WP Instant Membership

Leverages Facebook to create a wp membership site where users can login using their facebook accounts.

Facebook App

WP Countdown

WordPress plugin that allows user to display a timer and attach events to the timer. eg Timed “special offers”

WP Clickbank

WordPress plugin that allows uses to import products from Clickbank and link keywords in posts etc to Clickbank products.

WP PInterest

WordPress plugin that allows the user to manage their Pinterest pins all at once.

WP YouTube popup

WordPress plugin that allows uses to create popups that show YouTube videos.

I also have a version of this where you can display rotating images

Plugin registration

Optionally, I can add a registration window to your plugin, that connects with your aWeber account

Older work

WP Expired Domains

Gets and displays live expired and about to expire domains from GoDaddy.

Review Site Creator Plugin

WordPress plugin that allows the user to create “Review sites”.


This app allows the user to schedule and manage tweets and illustrates usage of the Twitter API.

Web apps, Wordpress plugins, and more …